The Priority Room

In our experience, there’s a significant difference between making a decision, and taking decisive action. Decisive action comes from feeling grounded about how you wish to use your resources from here forward.

Phase Two is called The Priority Room. We define a priority as the overlap between things that matter and things you can control. We use your Key Value Drivers as a filter to select one or two priorities that matter most right now. This creates baseline conviction and a logical decision tree.

Clients report that transitioning from knowing your drivers, to applying your drivers, is a gamechanger. It’s the satisfaction of giving yourself permission to use or not use your resources in specific areas.

Instead of decisions that leave you second-guessing, you experience the sense of progress that comes from choosing well. When you feel connected to the process, decisions are no longer cumbersome.

Planning becomes enjoyable. It turns out that when something is both fun and effective, you dig deeper and get more done. It creates confidence to address the next big priority.

That takes us to Phase Three, The Freedom Formula