The Freedom Formula

Many families get through an initial push in planning expecting to rest in the comfort of the ongoing service they were promised at the onset of the process. Then, they find themselves in something we’ve coined The Promise/Behavior Gap. For many advisors, service shows up as quarterly investment reviews.

The Freedom Formula is our service approach for your goals, dreams and resources – both financial and non-financial. This includes the aspects of life that are always evolving – your family and extended family relationships.

This kind of support doesn’t fit into neat little quarterly segments. How could it?

At this point in our relationship, we’ve found a comfortable rhythm for helping you be decisive about your choices.

The Freedom Formula is the freedom of having this touchstone; a proven approach to consistently convert new opportunities and obstacles to a clear action plan that aligns with your Key Value Drivers. Each action item has a prioritized to do list, which means we get it done.

Planning done well is a continuous and fluid cycle. Each additional topic, project or decision has an exponential impact on your overall clarity and confidence. It’s the reward and the outcome of Planning from the inside out...

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