Courting the Topic

The first phase of our planning model is called Courting the Topic. It’s a bit of an old fashion moniker, yet it speaks to our mutual goal in these early stages of exploration. Courting is about getting to know someone or something. The process of courting allows people to be decisive when the time comes.

Our primary focus in this phase is to explore and identify your Key Value Drivers™. These are all the things in life that you’ll fight for, even when your back is against the wall. Often, these drivers surround family, relationships, education or career.

It’s an invitation to hear yourself think about your planning aspirations at a deeper level than you may have experienced previously. Instead of the advisor’s agenda dictating your depth of exploration, we invite your topics to drive the agenda.

When you become exceptionally clear about your drivers, the uncertainty goes away. The process of exploring your motivations creates conviction about how to proceed.

This takes us to Phase Two of our model, The Priority Room