Discover what’s different when you plan from the inside out…

If you’re like many of our clients, you’ve worked hard to create a good life. There’s an internal drive to do the best you can with what you’ve achieved and the resources you’ve accumulated.

You seek out advisory support, and well-meaning strategies are explored.

Conversations drive hard on numbers and statements.

The experience itself creates a new question: Why are my assets the primary topic?

When families embark on a planning journey...

They’re often met with a fast and furious push to transfer assets. It’s not rocket science and it’s nobody’s fault. Large corporations must follow their profit drivers.

However, institutional drivers can create an institutional experience. Families aren’t given the space to brainstorm beyond the numbers.

If you can sense there’s no time to ask a spontaneous question, or raise an issue that isn’t printed on the day’s agenda, most likely, you won’t. The experience can feel hollow and impersonal. You sense something’s missing, but it’s tough to articulate.

Sometimes, you almost forget the heart of the matter, “Why am I planning in the first place?”